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sushi chef

Watching Japanese dramas lately has inspired me to try my hand at sushi making. I always think onigiri (rice balls) and sushi look so delicious and simple to make.


So I headed down to Daiso to see if I could find any sushi-making tools there. (Daiso never fails to amaze me with their array of products you can get at just $2 each.)

And look what I found!!

Sushi molds!!!
You don't need a traditional sushi bamboo mat to make your rice rolls anymore! With these idiot-proof molds, all you have to do is scoop your rice in, layer the ingredients, top them off with more rice, use the cover to press everything together and VOILA! SUSHI!!!

It occurred to me that the whole concept of sushi is now sort of diluted. Sushi was once considered exotic, a cultural food that everyone associated with the Japanese. It took a trained chef to create beautiful sushi, and even non-professional cooks needed some skill in making decent rolls.
With nifty little contraptions like the ones pictured above, one doesn't need much, if any, skill to make sushi anymore. Even the bamboo mats that were once symbolic of sushi-making are dispensable now.

I feel like the art of cooking has lost much of its reverence, and is becoming such a simplified process that now anyone can cook anything when it wasn't that way before.
Yes, it is much easier, faster and not so much of a chore to cook now, but it is a pity that along the way, some part of tradition and culture has to be lost in the creation of food.